Are you new to Halle and looking for accommodation?

Here you can find rooms and flats that other students are offering. If you are interested in a specific offer, please send us an email (Please include the relevant accommodation number in your message!).

  1. Please write us an e-mail.
  2. Please add the following details:
    • Period of renting (intermediate rent or not?)
    • Available from
    • Street name (please no complete addresses for privacy reasons)
    • Room size
    • Rent broken down into cold rent, utilities, W-Lan, electricity costs, possible WG-cash costs
    • Short room description
    • Description of location (What is nearby? Shopping facilities? Public transport stops?)
    • Describe WG life
    • Photos of the apartment (Please make sure that no one is in the picture and that no sensitive data is visible)
    • Other special features (How is the lease regulated? Sublet/main tenants all?)

We will check your offer and see if anything is missing and will upload it afterwards.